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Club is Sexy

We deliver awesome Web3 projects in SE Asia.

Web3 doesn't have to feel like an alien

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We built Clubsixy to provide your projects with professional full life cycle services that make work easier, so you can enjoy life more.

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Technology Devlopment

We build own web3 apps, AIs and infrastructures .

online marketing

User Acquisition

We solve marketing issues by stressing on localization.

Localized Events

We are pro in delivering events that is meaningful and bond people.

What's important is the founder likes it.

Innovation that flows

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Boundless Technology

Technology bridges the gap between people. Clubsixy pioneers in adopting new technology such as Blockchain, NLP and 3D motion capture to offer immersive experiences that transport users to extraordinary realms.

Intuitive Engagement

Even with the current jammy tech market, Clubsixy understands methods to acquire current users. Clubsixy offers professional services for companies and projects on exploring new geographical markets or transforming into Web3.

Social Responsibility

Starting from 2017, we made great impacts by running non-profit organizations that teach coding in mountains. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive and supportive community and we continue the endeavours in Clubsixy.

Engagement Projects

Externally, we have supported more than 200 Web3 projects to engage users and create communities, like Azuki, CloneX and Moonbirds.

Marketing-wise, we are not fans of copying and following the industrial standards. We are eager to take challenging projects and find ways in the mist.


In the past, the team had long-term partnerships with global opinion leaders like the United Nations, regional authorities, and MNCs. The team won trusts with its reputable and professional services from these collabrations.

"Clubsixy democratizes access to creativity, ensuring that everyone in SE Asia has the opportunity to expand their horizons. "

Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary-General

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Innovate with us

Get us to grow your community and hear us on our web3 projects.

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